WalVisions was originally created with two purposes in mind, primarily a “wall visions” section supporting users and installers of projection video displays, and secondarily a “Walter’s Visions” section to air ongoing thoughts from Walter (me!). Now, with my retirement established, the Walter’s Visions version will become the focus and appear as a blog to air Walter’s thoughts and ideas about living in today’s world.

It can be very difficult for any one individual to make a significant impact upon the world, but if I can make just a handful of people live fuller, more rewarding lives by relating what I have learned during my life, then this blog will be well worthwhile. All life is special, and human life is precious; if I grew up knowing what I now know, I think I could have had a better appreciation for and understanding of life. I hope to impart that knowledge to others via this blog.

If you are wondering about our logo, while we are conveying the W stacked on the V for WalVisions, there are also aspects denoting stability, growth, and balance, and the center has a very positive connotation!  Yet overall there is a hint of vulnerability, as in life and the world, things can’t be taken for granted or the whole thing could collapse.  It’s also nice that the logo is easy to replicate!

Note that the original WalVisions (i.e. wall visions) version is still intact, and can be accessed by going to walvisions.com/TestPatterns.html. Be aware that while those pages haven’t been updated recently, the test patterns, information and archives are still relevant.