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What to Make of the "News" March 2020



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This section of WalVisions has been created to present a number of Walter's views on a wide array of topics.  The world (not to mention the Cosmos!) is a diverse and spectacular place, one that is underappreciated by an alarming number of people as they are engulfed in their day to day existence.  We hope to be able to help put everyday living and a variety of events in their proper perspectives, and possibly add to the order in what may appear to be a disordered world.  This section is likely to become the most supplemented and interesting on the WalVisions site - if you like the ideas presented here, we suggest you return regularly for new material.  Please feel free to contact Walter with any comments you may have.


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March 2020 

What to Make of the "News" - Is it real, simply inaccurate, or fake.

A strength of today’s technology driven world is the wealth of information provided via news organizations, social media outlets, blogs, various opinion pieces and other “informative” web sites.  While most of this "news" is generally accurate, unfortunately much of what is available can fall into a miss-leading, false (inaccurate), fake (deliberately inaccurate) or opinion (possibly inaccurate) category.  And we may unwittingly may exacerbate the problem by first noting the shocking and nearly unbelievable stories, and then by making them available our friends and others by using social media.  While it’s in our nature to be trusting and to want to be noticed, and alerting others to the unusual appears to make us special, this very act gives unreliable information some credibility and results in further spreading.  Read More.



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