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Viewing Distance - Resolution Simulator Pattern

The below pattern can be viewed on a PC monitor to simulate how large screen displays with different native resolutions will appear at various viewing distances.  The goal is to use the monitor to replicate a small section (1/10 width) of a large screen to demonstrate how a given resolution will appear at a particular viewing distance.  Normally the viewing distance for large screen displays is given as a multiple of the image width, with a typical viewing distance for HD home projection being about 1.5 times the image width.  Since this pattern width corresponds to one tenth of the full width necessary to correspond to the stated resolutions, to simulate viewing an image at "n" times image with, simply view at 10 times "n" times the measured pattern width.  For example, if you are viewing on a PC monitor and the width of the below pattern is 8 inches, and you want to simulate viewing at 1.5 times a large screen display width, view this pattern at 120" (10 x 1.5 x 8"). 

The resolutions depicted are 853 x 480 (roughly 480p standard definition), 1280 x 720 (720p high definition), 1920 x 1080 (1080i/1080p high definition) and 3820 x 1920 (roughly 4K ultra high definition).  Note that this pattern is a very rigorous test, and intended to show the worst case - the pixels are black or white, and are "stepped" at shallow angles to be very revealing.  For viewing of normal video sources (i.e. not viewing computer graphics), the "steps" will be far less noticeable as the source material will have been specially filtered to reduce the possibility of unintended noise and patterns in the smallest image details.   

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